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Z Biblioteki Ossus, polskiej encyklopedii ''Gwiezdnych wojen''.
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Hello guys! Would you be so kind to include a link to Russian article about Wookiepedia - [[ru:Вукипедия]] ?

Dzięki in advance ;) --Vovazl 19:18, 23 gru 2008 (CET)

Oops. I made this, but now I see it was misunderstanding. Interwiki "Вукипедия" should be in an article about YOUR Wiki, not Wookieepedia. We have several articles about others Wiki (as you can see in this template)... So in this article should be [[ru:Английский язык]], but I know you have only one article about Star Wars Wiki in general. I will create a small article about your SW Wiki (small, because I don't know your language and alphabet, so I can only mention your article count and when it was launched :)) - Вукипедия - and put there [[ru:Вукипедия]] :) It will be much more representative. Cheers. signstraznik.png Sky Dyskusja  19:56, 23 gru 2008 (CET)

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